Links Atomic Death Monkey
So just un momento ago i found some roll over script business and it is absolutely wonderful. i may be over exaggerating just a little bit but hey, it means alot to me. I have officially started on atomic death monkey. He is completley disassembled and slightly put back together. it is only going to have a single back brake, which i know will just tear apart the brakes, but it just looks so cool. and it will also only be a single spee. just cause.check out the scroll over text :)
Bury your Fucking Throat Man
So last night in my attempt to sleep i was running around on the instructables webstite that is put up by squid labs(amazing) and found an article by a user who puts together these beautiful creations out of any bicycle frame. i got really inspired so today i am off to hack and tear apart, hopefully not fuck up, my bike that was given to me by my girlfriends moms friend. i can't think of a better way to spend a thursday afternoon. By the way GIMP, well you already know how amazing it is
AHHHHHHHH!!!!! this fucking bike project is killing me!!!! fuck bicycle chains!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh